Beyond The Comfort Zone

Optimize Your Health In Minutes A Day

Comfort Is A Slow-Killing Poison.

Are you so busy that you're struggling to get fit and healthy?

Wondering if you’re doing enough?

Or maybe you are looking to step up your game?

Like most people, you have probably become too comfortable.

And who can blame you?

We design our lives around comfort. We strive to ensure we have a roof over our heads, with central heat and air conditioning.

What if you could optimize your health in minutes a day to take your health, and fitness to a whole new level?

The System Is Made To Keep You Overweight And Sick.

That our showers are hot. That we never experience cold. That we avoid the heat of the sun. That we have three meals plus snacks daily.

Comfort is fine, in the right dose and the right time.

But too much comfort kills.

If you’re overweight, or unhealthy, or you lack motivation and feel depressed, too much comfort is undoubtedly part of the problem.

The typical American adult spends his or her day commuting by car to an office, where they work all day at a sedentary job under fluorescent lights, to come home in the evening to watch Netflix.

Eating junk food every two hours, all the while.

The typical American is also overweight, not fit, stressed, and depressed.

All because of the desire for comfort.

And the fear of discomfort.

What Am I Talking About?

We lack exposure to:

  • Cold
  • Heat
  • The sun and its light
  • Time without food
  • And a lot more

Fact: living things - like your body - are what Nassim Taleb has called “antifragile” - they get healthier and stronger by being exposed to stress.

Think about it: exercise, one of the healthiest things you can do, is a stress on your body. Many find it uncomfortable too.

Stress and recovery, that’s what makes your body healthy.

Or to put it another way: discomfort and comfort.

One kills the other makes you healthier.

See, the tactical use of discomfort can dramatically improve your health, lead to weight loss, and help you live longer.

The secret is that it isn’t even really all that uncomfortable.

That's why I decided to do something about it.

I've distilled over 20 years of research into a simple to follow guide, and I'm handing you the keys to take control of your fitness and health for an insane price.


Beyond The Comfort Zone

Optimize Your Health In Minutes A Day

Learn to overcome depression and chronic fatigue.

Discover how tactical exposures to stress can help you gain physical strength, mental fortitude, and spiritual stability as well.

Beyond The Comfort Zone emphasizes practice over theory, and shows you how you can use the benefits of getting outside your comfort zone to lose weight, decrease your risk of disease, and live longer.

Why You Need To Get Out Of The Comfort Zone

We have an expression for someone who is overweight, doesn’t exercise, and whose health is declining.

A couch potato.

Unfortunately, couch potato describes most people today.

Our ancestors were not like this at all.

They couldn’t shop at a supermarket for their food, but had to hunt and forage, or grow it from behind a plow.

They were outdoors every day, bathed in light.

They didn’t have artificial light at night to disrupt their sleep.

They were far more exposed to cold and heat than we are.

They didn’t have the luxury of three meals plus snacks every day.

And they were lean, fit, and didn’t suffer from chronic disease.

Your Instructor

P. D. Mangan
P. D. Mangan

P. D. Mangan is a microbiologist who is obsessed with anti-aging research. He is the founder of the website Rogue Health and Fitness, which gets thousands of daily visitors, and is the author of six books on health, fitness, and optimized lifespan, including Stop the Clock: The Optimal Anti-Aging Strategy, and Dumping Iron. He has spent decades studying the science of aging and rejuvenation.

Health Authorities Have Led You Astray

You’ve no doubt heard over the last several decades that you should stay out of the sun.

That you should slather on toxic sunscreen before you get the least bit of sun at all.

Could sun avoidance be related to our diabesity epidemic?


What about advice to eat three meals plus snacks?

That’s been a disaster.

Even when they’re not telling you actively to avoid these things, they don’t tell you about how comfort leads to ill health.

Oh, sure, they tell you to exercise - and then proceed to recommend wimpy, ineffective stuff like walking.

Odds are good you’re not stressing yourself enough.

Don’t Get Me Wrong. There's Stress, And There's The Right Amount Of Stress

Many of the “stresses” that can improve your health are not even uncomfortable.

Most people wouldn't call being on a sunny beach uncomfortable.

They wouldn’t think drinking red wine or eating chocolate are unenjoyable.

Yet your body perceives these things as stress, as a reason to increase its protective mechanisms, making you healthier in the process.

Stress Is Good!

Whoa - wait a minute. Stress is good?

Yes, the right kind of stress.

Acute stress, followed by recovery.

We’re used to thinking stress is bad. But that’s chronic stress.

The problem for health is that we’re exposed to the same conditions constantly.

But the body thrives on variation. On acute stress.

Overcome Weakness And Get Strong Easily

It’s a scientific fact that the body responds to certain stresses by getting stronger.

You’ve probably heard the expression, “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”

That’s a pithy way of saying that when you challenge your body, it responds by getting stronger, and healthier.

Athletes get stronger by pushing themselves.

Bodybuilders get stronger by lifting weights.

But there are many other ways to get stronger.

Consider that bedrest is among the worst things you can do.

Constant rest means that your body deteriorates. You lose muscle. You become insulin resistant.

The analogy applies across the board.

Or consider that astronauts in space develop health problems, like blood clots, and bone loss.

Not having to resist the pull of gravity makes them weaker.

Here's What You'll Discover

  • How and why to use tactical cold exposure to lose body fat, improve insulin sensitivity, and get healthier
  • How to get safe sun exposure while protecting your skin
  • How heat can decrease your risk of heart disease
  • Which foods may protect against cancer and heart disease
  • How to use fasting to protect your health - and the only food you need to avoid to effectively mimic the fasting process
  • Why the exercise you currently do may not be effective at improving your health
  • And much more.

You'll Also Get The Optimized Health Vault Bonuses

Bonus #1: How Mental And Physical Challenges Improve Your Life.

A one-hour video interview with Thomas P. Seager, Ph.D., professor of engineering at Arizona State University, CEO of Morozko Forge, and an expert on deliberate cold exposure.

Dr. Seager began his cold exposure odyssey a few years ago after deciding that it would be a good way to test his mental fortitude. He founded a company that makes refrigerated ice baths, and has become a leading expert on the health benefits of cold exposure.

He discusses:

  • Why he started cold exposure
  • How to do cold exposure the right way
  • How cold exposure can improve your life immensely
  • Losing weight and increasing your testosterone with cold exposure
  • Why he started a company that makes ice baths

Bonus #2: How To Hack A Little-Understood Process To Improve Your Health, Gain Muscle, And Lose Body Fat.

Video: Even among doctors and scientists, this process is little known, and fixing it makes a huge improvement to your health.

  • How your body’s natural rhythm affects your health
  • Why you simply cannot neglect this little known hack
  • How aging changes it, and how to rejuvenate it
  • How to apply “the right dose” of change to better your health fast and easily
  • How stress affects your hormones and body composition

Bonus #3: How To Activate Your Brown Fat For Better Health.

A look at brown fat, an exciting new area of research that’s critical for health.

Wait…brown fat? Yes! Brown Fat a special type of body fat that is turned on (activated) when you get cold. And here’s what I’ll show you inside this bonus:

  • How science discovered that we have brown fat
  • Tactics to change normal body fat to brown fat to improve health
  • How activating brown fat prevents heart disease
  • How brown fat improves blood lipids
  • Why brown fat is important in life extension

Bonus #4: Hormetic Habits: How To Develop Bullet-Proof Habits To Stay Healthy All Year Long.

  • Improve your physical and mental health by incorporating hormesis into your life
  • Easy-to-follow advice to form habits that last
  • How to easily challenge yourself to get healthy
  • The untold hack that changes how you look at everything

Bonus #5: Going Rogue: How The Health Establishment Got Almost Everything Wrong

  • Full-length ebook on the epic mistakes of mainstream health.
  • How they got cholesterol and saturated fat wrong
  • Why the food they recommend will harm your health and how to solve this
  • Why high carbohydrates are associated with higher death rates and what can you do about it
  • The best exercise for health and longevity - it’s not what they say it is
  • And much, much more.

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